Crunching Numbers: September’s Top 5 High School Football EARNERS

In the exhilarating world of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals, a new wave of high school athletes is riding the crest of fame. These young talents are seizing the opportunity to cash in on their skills and popularity, and they’re doing it in style. Let’s dive into the world of these groundbreaking deals and get to know the top 5 high school football athletes who are making waves with their impressive NIL contracts.

Top 5 most valuable High School Football NIL Earners in September

  1. Dylan Raiola
  2. Julian Sayin
  3. Air Noland
  4. DJ Lagway
  5. Julian Lewis

The Power of NIL Deals

NIL deals have turned the sports world on its head, allowing athletes to monetize their personal brands. These deals come in all shapes and sizes, from endorsement contracts to social media partnerships, giving athletes the chance to profit from their image and reputation. High school athletes are now stepping onto this stage, and they’re proving that age is no barrier to success.

How are these high schoolers banking with NIL?

These high school athletes are banking with NIL by leveraging their popularity, talent, and personal brands to secure lucrative endorsement and sponsorship deals. Here’s how they’re making it happen:

  1. Leverage social media to build their fan base and personal brand: High school athletes invest time and effort, whether intentional or unintentional,  in building a compelling personal brand. This often involves excelling in their respective sports, posting highlights, and engaging with fans through social media platforms. A strong personal brand makes them more appealing to potential sponsors.
  2. Creating Engaging Content: High school athletes generate content on social media, YouTube, and other platforms to showcase their skills, personalities, and interests. Engaging content attracts followers and sponsors alike, increasing their marketability.


  3. Networking: Building relationships with local businesses, fans, and potential sponsors is crucial. Attending sports events, participating in community outreach, and engaging with local media can open doors to NIL opportunities.


  4. Leveraging Local and National Exposure: Athletes who gain national recognition through media coverage, top rankings, or standout performances have a better chance of securing lucrative NIL deals. However, local exposure also plays a significant role in attracting local sponsors.


  5. Monetizing through personal websites:  Athletes are recognizing the power of owning your personal brand.  Buying your domain name, trademarking your brand and leveraging their website is just the beginning.  These athletes are driving major traffic to their websites and creating an additional cash cow stream with advertisers. 

The breakdown

  1. Dylan Raiola ℅ 2024 – QB – Georgia Commit – IG Followers 39K Twitter Followers 26K – $904K
  2. Julian Sayin ℅ 2024 – QB – Alabama Commit – IG Followers 21K Twitter 6K Tiktok 1k -$781K
  3. Air Noland ℅ 2024 – QB – Ohio State Commit – IG 25K Tiktok 962 Twitter 9.6K $618K
  4. DJ Lagway ℅ 2024 – QB – Florida State Commit – IG 27K Tiktok 4K Twitter 21K $555K
  5. Julian Lewis ℅ 2026 – QB – SC commit– IG 130K tiktok 37K Twitter 24K -$497K


High school athletes are blazing new trails in the world of NIL deals, proving that youth is no barrier to success. With high-profile agreements the sports marketing landscape is evolving at a crazy pace. These young athletes aren’t just making waves on the field; they’re rewriting the rules of the sports endorsement game and leaving a lasting impact on the industry.  Solidify your brand and get your NIL aspirations going with a custom website.  Visit to start today.

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